The market has changed and so have we at James Advocates.

Whilst buyer advocacy is still the major part of our business, our roles in selling advocacy and architectural advocacy have increased as clients and other sellers interested in a more managed process, begin to look for more professional strategic advice, rather than just a glossy submission with a standard response.



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When we instructed Mal it was for his expertise in "buying". We had no idea then how key his input would be on "selling". Our schedules are busy and so his real value was in pressing us to answer questions that we had not created time to ask ourselves. He was incredibly good at ensuring that we as a couple were aligned in our strategy. We ended up with the house of our dreams. When we bought our new home we did not realise that we would be trying to sell our old home in a declining market. Throughout this period Mal ensured that we remained true to our key selling objectives and that we remained calm.
We made $250,000 on a better buy and $250,000 on a better sell, by asking the right questions instead of giving the wrong answers, we are so glad we used James Buyer and Seller Advocates