Penthouse, 2 Trawalla Avenue TOORAK


Higher positional potential for long term growth
Seemingly low additional cash required after purchase
Higher risk as newer precinct
Area distance from CBD
Above average precinct for general area


Poor street
Touches other properties
Possible negative noise impact
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Comments on Penthouse, 2 Trawalla Avenue TOORAK

Penthouse @ 2 Trawalla - is it for you, is it any good, what's a fair price?

Shall I start with the Wow, the price, the ........ incredibly uniqueness about this apartment?

No, as it doesn't make me do that. This is not a Wow apartment in terms of shiny new surfaces, it's not a wow apartment in terms of cutting edge design and it's not a wow apartment in terms of flow, light and proportion "tricks".

But... it is a good apartment and I would recommend it as a buy and it does rate well on almost characteristics.

Let's start with the "deep" plusses - the reasons you would buy over the "shallow" minuses.

Position - is AAA if you want to be near the action, that is walking distance to Toorak village. If you want a quieter street, eg sans the Grange Road noise you can in the front areas, then you have two choices - pay an even greater premium in a quieter street nearby or double glaze the windows, builders estimate across the front $150,000.

However, finding quieter and still close to Toorak village is an almost impossible/rare combination AND  then more than likely you would not have the panoramic views, the sense of distant visual space that this apartment has in spades WHILST still be connected to the ground, to your community. My guess is no you wouldn't find it, this is it and another point, would you have the northern orientation - for light and also for warmth. Today was a winters day when we viewed again, but it felt inviting - that was not the man-made stuff that was the god made stuff - the Sun.

Its not major but I really like the way that car parking is not a near off road experience as you can feel going into some apartment car parks - it's a slight drop, its safe and its very practical from an entrance/exit point of view.

There is a real premium to be able to walk to Toorak for a coffee.

Property - is circa 20 years old and it doesn't look it externally (a good sign). Internally it also doesn't feel dated - however its décor is a personal thing. If you were looking at change - almost anything you added wouldn't be an overcapitalization, wouldn't require wall movements and would be pretty hard to get wrong. The floorplan has good flow - living to sleeping - formal to informal - connection to separation - indoor to outdoor.

The proportions all work and as I said the light into the living and master is ideal and is also ideal into the study and kitchen (muted light).

Plenty of storage and I can go on about more superficial things but, it comes down to this - The penthouse at 2 Trawalla is a good footprint, blank canvas on which to build your own identity with your furniture, your art (plenty of big walls which is also not that common), your own feelings. My only comments of micro value - Position of kitchen to sun room, eating and balcony - tick. Study position - tick. Art Studio - tick for position, separation and light.

A big plus for a new buyer is the body corp - simple rules and only two other owners to deal with. Every extra owner exponentially increases the chance of angst - only one would be great, but then it's not an apartment block and you would have nobody to watch over whilst on a lock 'n' leave holiday.

Summary of the property - almost all apartments are rectangle boxes and this is no different - but it is different in its simplicity of proportions, light, flow and neighbours.

Price - Every new apartment attracts a "record price" conversation, even in down markets, even with no rarity of supply, even in poorer locations. This is not a $25,000 per sqm apartment.

So, what is it? As it is not a basic offering either due to its location, size and number in block.

Nobody can put a number with certainty on anything in June 2019, but sales per sqm in the area suggest $16,000 is a starting point of some merit and where one goes from there is determined by the demands of the sellers, the positive experience of the agent, the existence or not of local heavy hitter downsizers, the engagement of any overseas buyers from China and other parts of Asia (unlikely) and of course your own skill set.

This is good penthouse if you think it is; its blemishes forgettable (with small amounts of cash) or forgivable and its location sensational.

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We buy 100 homes for our clients every year.
We buy Inner East and Bayside over $2m.