7 Kirkwood Avenue
BOUGHT* - $2,620,000
Five bidders tried their luck here today with only one winner. Bidder 1 held strong throughout the auction eventually winning the keys. Bidder 2, 3, 4 and 5 all took their turn in the race with Bidder 4 and 5 holding out to almost the last minute each time. Bidder 5 waited until it look liked all other parties were done and came in on a third and final call ...

Crowd Numbers: 60 people
Bidderman: 5 bidders

7 Kirkwood Avenue SANDRINGHAM


Higher positional potential for long term growth
Growth above average metro in last decade
Excellent land content as proportion of price
Higher risk as newer precinct
Good area pricing range meaning lower risk on resale


Poor street presence & facade
Low and/or mixed ceiling heights
Mal James
Mal James
Principal Buyer Advocate
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Comments on 7 Kirkwood Avenue SANDRINGHAM

7 Kirkwood can be a misleading sort of home.
Technically it’s a block of land with home that many, including myself, would regard as having little value.
And yet as a home if you don’t feel you have to change too much, then it could work long term as it does have considerable charm – its awkwardness in its floorplan mainly relates to the north west corner……. but for many that side is not in the flow of things and so carport through front door to kitchen and then backwards into formal living or continue on into informal living and rear yard……. are all quiet natural movements…… and therefore the laundry and the extra set of doors don’t really get in the way.
You could make a downstairs bedroom with ensuite with minimal thought and dollars for guests, a granny or even dare I say the teenager you want to cut some slack too.
The rating is incredibly high for a home that for me did little on first glimpse but as I have thought about has grown on me
In one of Sandy’s highly regarded streets with a northerly orientation means on my numbers you are getting virtually a free home at the quote.
Its misleading as I said at the top, because despite this market I think this home will have more supporters than a clinker brick with an average façade should have – it will appeal to $2m entry buyers and once they get a handle on the precinct quality and the home’s charms grow on them as well, then $2.5m may will become the stand and deliver point for a couple of buyers AND so to be the winner you will in all likelihood need to be above that – meaning your final bid will state you do see some value in the home.
So a home that has seemingly a number a faults but upon reflection is actually hard to really pin point those faults if its at a good price.

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Overseas buyer - we think that we probably ended up paying less and, moreover, we feel better about the whole thing. . Thanks James, just to reiterate what we said on the phone, we are very pleased with the process.. Sherene and I have done a "post-mortem" and we will never know what the outcome would have been had we done it on our own. However, yo ...more

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Sold - 1:30 PM Oct 26 2019

Quote $2,100,000 - $2,250,000

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