46 Howe Crescent
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After Auctioneer Oliver Bruce’s opening spiel to the crowd of 80 onlookers, he was met with silence. Mr Bruce then commented that he had never sold a home at an auction to the person who didn’t bid. Mr Bruce then opened the bidding with a vendor bid of $4,900,000. Eventually, after making Mr Bruce work a little longer, Bidder 1 raised a hand with a bid o...

Crowd Numbers: 80 people
Bidderman: 1 bidders

46 Howe Crescent SOUTH MELBOURNE


Higher positional potential for long term growth
Growth above average metro in last decade
Excellent land content as proportion of price
Good rental prospects
Seemingly low additional cash required after purchase


Touches other properties
No separate laundry
Mal James
Mal James
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Comments on 46 Howe Crescent SOUTH MELBOURNE

46 Howe Crecent- if this is not as good as it gets for terrace homes, which are basically "single-fronters", then what is? Where is the fault? Perhaps an extra tight garage if you think it's a double - but brilliant access off Martin St. Perhaps the laundry - but let's lose what is currently labelled as the study and make that it.

That's the level of pickiness I had to go to find fault and they would not necessarily get universal agreement as legit criticisms.

Now to work through the 3P's (Price, Property and Position) - exceptional position, generally with St Vincents Place being regarded as the only superior address in all of Port Phillip - and even then only by a whisker and also not unanimously.

This location is (and has been for decades) "the spot" and why?

Well, besides the basics of walk to the brilliant South Melbourne market, the Albert Park sporting complexes and into the city (if you wish and are fit) or catch a tram - but what about all the shops and eateries in Clarendon one way and Bridport the other. Not to mention the beach is a solid walk or quick tram. But, it's not any of this that sets Howe Crescent aside too highly - it's the architectural quality of the neighbours - they are all triple A+ and all nicely set back on a service lane off any street carrying traffic with brilliant rear access

And so, the home itself - from the street, it is and looks one of a matching pair - ok mmmm. But once inside wow - especially as to get past the front - for me the highlight. No need to wax lyrical of how everything just feels so classy due to its thought, build and materials - but why not mention boring old storage - its storage, storage and more storage which often in these homes is a sad afterthought.

Upstairs also really does it for me - they have wisely removed the Victorian era roller coaster of up and down up and down within the top level and bathrooms at both ends - being picky only three bedrooms - but hey, there is no more space. I also really like the rear balcony and vista; a sense of old English countryside rooftops which for me really presses my buttons.

Overall a sensational and not to common offering as it's not a tarted up old home nor is it a flashy one where $ after $ has been spent in the hope it can look good. This is home that is co-ordinated and balanced and is as the complete package as you will find.

The only thing I would have concerns about would be my competition, even in this market - there will be some and it should be strong due simply to demand for this rarity of offering - which is not a month to month thing - they only come up every few years.



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