45 Beaver Street MALVERN EAST


Higher positional potential for long term growth
Growth above average metro in last decade
Excellent land content as proportion of price
Higher risk as newer precinct
Good area pricing range meaning lower risk on resale


Size of living/dining room
Smaller bedrooms
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Comments on 45 Beaver Street MALVERN EAST

A period home with a northern orientation in the Gascoigne Estate is the ideal sought by many families. This home fulfills that ideal - but how does it compare to others in this precinct? The frontage is of standard width and the facade is average but it does have two car access points: an easy single spot in the front of the property and a double garage accessed from a good width rear laneway. The front part of the house works, with the formal rooms on the right and the master suite on the left which, although not large, has a comfortable feel with a practical layout. The questions are raised when you go beyond this point. Should you start again at the back or should this home remain an entry-level property into the Estate? The kitchen/family area is limited in size and the small bedrooms opening directly on to the family area are not ideal. A more complex floorplan with a south rear but slightly bigger land at 18 Central Park Rd Malvern East sold for over $2.2m in November 2012, also by Marshall White. At the right price, this could provide 5 year flexibility, but with it comes the risk of getting the re-design right and at the right cost in order not to overcapitalise.

Gina Kantzas's Comments on 45 Beaver Street MALVERN EAST

Gascoigne Estate - so premium East Malvern and north facing rear - so premium light. Gascoigne has three very distinct groups of homes the ¾ size usually with a $2 in front - the full size usually with a $3 in front and the occasional oversize or mansion with a $4 or more in front. 45 Beaver is clearly a ¾ size - land sub 700 sqm and the façade is a fairly plain looking Edwardian - but this is in no way a criticism of the home. This home has the location and orientation to become a very good cosy family home - garaging would be to the rear, but needs to be well thought out so as to maximise the garden - just down the road at 39 is an example of what not to do (but its fixable) and at 45 you still have the quick in and out front carparking for during the day errands.

Entry has a good feel and main bedroom works for me. Living rooms on the right or east look pretty good as is - it's when you get to the rear that thinking of what should I do begins.

Option 1 - leave as is and no probs in my mind with that. Option 2 - lose one the front two living spaces and make a bedroom and then push out the two rear smaller bedrooms. You would have 3 bedrooms and a lot bigger and brighter and better feeling rear living space. Option 3 (STCA) -widen out rear living, put in a staircase and go up.

Need some more light? Remove or open up the verandah.

For what it is and what it could be 45 is a good family home - if of course you can snag it off the Queen of the Gascoigne at a reasonable price.

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Land Area
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Sold - 3:30pm Mar 2 2013

Quote $2,000,000 - $2,200,000

North Facing

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