42 Berkeley Street
BOUGHT* - $9,010,000
Auctioneer Andrew Hayne welcomes the large crowd gathered before kicking things off with a vendor bid of $8,000,000. It didn’t take long for Bidders 1,2 and 3 to join in the action with $100,000 rises. Half time was called at $8,650,000. Upon return the home was announced on the market which welcomed Bidders 4 and 5. The price quickly reached $9,000,000 an...

Crowd Numbers: 100 people
Bidderman: 5 bidders

42 Berkeley Street HAWTHORN


Higher positional potential for long term growth
Growth above average metro in last decade
Excellent land content as proportion of price
Good rental prospects
Minimal ongoing outgoings


Poor access and flow to outdoors
Interrupted floor levels
Mal James
Mal James
Principal Buyer Advocate
0408 107 988

Comments on 42 Berkeley Street HAWTHORN

I remember going through this home last time it sold - 2010 - in the $6m's according to my notes.

It had a small degree of awkwardness in its feel - from the look at the front to the outdoor flow - but it still rated incredibly well on our scoring system and after my revisit this time around - so it should.

This home is all about the macro big picture feelings it has to offer to the buyer - rather than any micro WOW.

So, with the broad brush we have a Scotch Hill home with tennis court and plenty of bedrooms that you just move into. The children go to Scotch or MLC or … they will probably be teenagers with the pool and court - so lots of in house parties with friends over and ... job done! Family life for next decade solved.

That's what we imagine the winning buyer will get it down to.

Now if I wanted a home for really young children, a home with a real class about the building itself, one that majestically flowed and ... then I would not be considering 42 Berkeley - I would have moved on.

42 has a lot to offer from views, to space, to entertainment to position to ... but it’s no classic build.

Price – it’s going to auction in March - will it get there or will somebody go early?

In a part of Berkeley, of Scotch Hill that is basically the tipping point between road noise at the bottom and premium over the hill prices at the top. 56 Kooyongkoot almost broke $9m for an additional 200 sqm of land - March of last year. 49 Berkeley was seen as land only and hit $5,000 per sqm just over a year ago.

So, price for land looks like 2/3 the current agent quote - where does the house sit and will your estimate be enough to beat off the competition, will there indeed be competition?

Towards a $9m auction is still not an everyday event - the owners/agents must feel they have a good chance of multiple buyers or else they would have gone a different method of sale tack. This sale will set Scotch Hill prices up for the year or if it doesn't fire will keep everybody guessing in the first half of 2018.

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Land Area
Floor Plan Agent

Sold - 3:30 PM Mar 3 2018

Quote $8,000,000 - $8,800,000

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