33 Grant Street
BOUGHT* - $6,125,000
"Think about your families, think about Christmas!" Auctioneer John Bongiorno called as he began. The opening bid was placed at $5,500,000 and rose to $6,025,000 before Mr Bongiorno stepped inside to consult with the vendors. Bidder 3 joined in after the break with a $25,000 raise, and stole the auction with a winning bid of $6,125,000. ...

Crowd Numbers: 120 people
Bidderman: 3 bidders

33 Grant Street MALVERN EAST


Higher positional potential for long term growth
Growth above average metro in last decade
Good rental prospects
Seemingly low additional cash required after purchase
Minimal ongoing outgoings


Possible overcapitalisation meaning higher risk on resale
Possible dating issues
Adjoining properties could be a negative issue
Poor Street Frontage
Mal James
Mal James
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Comments on 33 Grant Street MALVERN EAST

33 Grant St is for me a home where the individual parts are greater than the sum; yet its flow, feel, light and air are brilliant.

This is a beautifully designed summer home - from the entrance - with the voids - the rear living areas leading onto the pool and tennis court - hey it's party time - lots of children and lots of screaming - lots of happiness and a couple of crownies.

Downstairs is wonderfully free flowing - it has space, space and more space

Upstairs master works well - a little bit of a corridor feel to the rest - but overall very serviceable

I like the thought and feel in the new build - from the front mudroom to the rear fence and at nearly 1400 square metres, it's a big block and its north (great for light), albeit the bare minimum in width at 15m.


The location is up and coming and the precinct as far as Malvern East goes is only one down from the Gascoigne (A+) - Shops are close enough and while the train is a trek, the tram is not. Probably prefer not to be next a block of units if I had the choice, but they are all single level - no tennis lights (is that a cost or neighbour thing - is it indeed an issue?)


For a tennis court and new home - how many inner Melbourne school belt fringe (transport??) options do you have south of six million - the seller's hoped for target judging by the ISP quote.

And that for me is where the sum doesn't add up to be greater than the individual parts of the offering - if and I stress if, the long term financials are an issue for you.


It's the interplay of the PPP's - the interconnection that growth needs to have of land content, location and dollars paid working in the best way possible to give you choices in the future. Below average land to price ratio, for an area one down from the top with an ask above almost all in the vicinity.

This is very much a now home - an exciting one - a home that meets the 2017 market. My questions of it lie in 2027 - when the gloss has worn off - when the building WOW value has diminished but we are still next to units - when the dollars paid took a decade to be caught up by the rest of the precinct - when the project looks at its alternatives, but it is still a relatively narrow block compared to depth.

Don't get me wrong - there is a lot to like about this home and there is a lot that is rare at this price tag. 33 Grant and the current WOW factor is up there - I really do like the feel and airiness - it's a great lifestyle opportunity and one that many teenagers will appreciate being brought up in.

Under the right circumstances and with full insight in the decision making - this can be a truly wonderful family home. 

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Land Area
Floor Plan Agent

Sold - 10:30 AM Oct 28 2017

Quote $5,500,000 - $5,750,000

North Facing

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