29 Grove Road
BOUGHT* - $4,630,000
A hot sunny morning brought the large crowd to Grove Road, where most tried to hide in the shade and what they then witnessed was an auction that was just as hot. Hamish Tostevin got the proceedings underway and did not have to wait a second for Bidder 1 to open the bidding with $3,900,000. Bidder 2 joined in a moment later for the requested rise of $25,000,...

Crowd Numbers: 120 people
Bidderman: 4 bidders

29 Grove Road HAWTHORN


Higher positional potential for long term growth
Growth above average metro in last decade
Excellent land content as proportion of price
Good rental prospects
Seemingly low additional cash required after purchase


Poor street
Adjoining properties could be a negative issue
Mal James
Mal James
Principal Buyer Advocate
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Comments on 29 Grove Road HAWTHORN

Wow wow wow!

For me this is definitely, The Boroondara 2018 opening season, family home of the moment.

A beautifully renovated period home, the thought that has gone into this is high quality and the matching of the thought to the execution of the build is first rate.

This is not an imposed design, even though it’s modern onto period. It's sympathetic and it’s not all about tricky this and tricky that. The designer has taken what's there, run with it and produced something better.

Ok, so you this see this on the net and the first thing you think is Mmmmm… not Hawthorn’s best location or best street and you'd be right - but it’s far from the worst either - the speed bumps tell you there is some traffic and next-door street view says there are flats - for me they are not a deal breaker. It’s a "B" for possie.

So, you've got there and this is where you are glad you did, in fact the only thing that disappoints you is there are another 20 people also there - this home is no secret!

The block itself is flat - north rear - good frontage and relative to other blocks in the immediate area, this is a really good size. That's a perfect score, an "A" for the land.

To the home, this is a classic. Well, it is after the renovation - which is simply brilliant - in its transitioning from front period to rear 29 Grove modern - from bottom to top with the wider stairs and even the ability to seal off each level via a door. It's a classic in the feel it creates; both the downstairs and upstairs rear living spaces. You can tell they've got it right, when you see people, buyers lingering, rather than simply moving through - it's a combination of light, space, flow - that's what make the feel so mesmerizing, so comforting.

While upstairs - two bedrooms - which is only a problem if you have three children that love each other so much they are inseparable. I have three and I know that's a life impossibility and besides there is another bedroom downstairs and a master (got teenagers? - here is your separation Mum and Dad) and there is a study.

Three cheers for a cellar of substance! Anyway, I didn't finish upstairs - I love that north window and the way it incorporates the neighbours tree - the broken view, the dappled light - need to stay on side with those neighbours hey.

Back down to that rear living and rear yard - combined with kitchen - this is a family and entertaining masterpiece - this whole area really works and any smart auctioneer would be conducting proceedings right here - that's if he or she can fit them all in.

Garaging is not double - but it is more than fair for this price range, location and property type.

So, after you've hyped this to the billio Mal, what price?

I think $4m gets taken out at some stage - it feels that strong - but of course we are in new markets.

A couple of pointers are:
• 6 Oak - more land, but not a patch on the class of this home, a tad over $4m - late last year.
• 5 Power - early $3m's - but hey main road

Land value - well 33 Elgin got over $4,500 per sqm.

I know $4m is a solid number for this size and location - but it just feels it warrants it - even in this possibly tougher market – it’s that good - it really is.

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Sold - 10:30 AM Feb 24 2018

Quote $3,500,000 - $3,850,000

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