24 Glen Street
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24 Glen Street HAWTHORN


Higher positional potential for long term growth
Growth above average metro in last decade
Excellent land content as proportion of price
Good rental prospects
Minimal ongoing outgoings


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Mal James
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Comments on 24 Glen Street HAWTHORN

Position - lets save the keystrokes - its Scotch Hill on the Glenferrie Road spine - access to everything and not too close to freeway noise. Glen is not Kooyoongkoot - but hey it's not $8m either.

The land is fairly typical for the area - it's the home that's atypical and what I will spend my review time on here.

You want quirky as in individual, not quirky as in peculiar - then you have it here in 24 Glen.

Let's get the tricky bits out first - no garaging - although you could lose a rear room and make one - and you do feel a little tight in on your neighbours (although we know they're nice - bought next door a few years ago) - anyway the impact can be reduced with even more plantings - by no means a deal breaker. 

So, to the house - normally I don't, but I feel compelled to start with the windows, as for me they are the highlight, the glue that bonds the home and its feel. The windows really work - light and space creations, as well they are visually appealing - very smart design.

Internals and finishes in all living and kitchen spaces are high quality in look and feel also.

Flow and spaces - downstairs is brilliant - great entrance - flowing through to the back and then out to the rear living - the pool for me doesn't really work and I would consider at this price point a revamp or a replace - less pool, more land, more entertaining, play, visual and tree space.

The office is a plus if you work from home with the occasional customer visit.

Upstairs is not the strength of the home - the rooms are serviceable, the ceiling a little tight - again not a deal breaker.

Price is revolving around $4m or entry level for a finished home in this precinct.  

Overall, if you don't want new, you don't want flash and your budget is modest by the surrounding standards, then 24 Glen should be on your visit list and then possibly shopping list. Its clear 24 will have the competition to a price point below $4m - after that, it's cloudy.

Good home - A grader at the quote!



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Sold - 12:00 PM May 19 2018

Quote $3,575,000 - $3,700,000

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