17 McKinley Avenue
BOUGHT* - $4,980,000
Big crowd and so there should be with the Malvern Master – Andrew Hayne running proceedings. I went through this home earlier in the campaign and thought it would struggle to get to $5m, because of the neighbours and look from the front – but I felt it would have significant interest in the $4m’s due to its size, location, quality of living spaces and ...

Crowd Numbers: 200 people
Bidderman: 5 bidders

17 McKinley Avenue MALVERN


Higher positional potential for long term growth
Growth above average metro in last decade
Excellent land content as proportion of price
Good rental prospects
Seemingly low additional cash required after purchase


Adjoining properties could be a negative issue
Poor street presence & facade
Mal James
Mal James
Principal Buyer Advocate
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Comments on 17 McKinley Avenue MALVERN

Very good, without being the greatest - that's 17 McKinley in my mind.

On paper - its starts well with a very big land size for the area and that area is a good part of Malvern - close to everything that is important  - shops, train and tram and not too far from freeway.

The architect is a quality one - renovation almost brand new and floorplan is flowing quality.

And so off to the open and that's is where the biggest disappointment comes - the façade doesn't match the price point easily, nor does the southern neighbour - a pretty ugly block of flats - however in many ways its partially fixable with some creative plantings.

Planting is where I would spend some money - turn what is basically a barren landscape with a brutal wider view of neighbours south and west into a closed oasis. The trees we are looking for would need a narrow profile, shallow root system and thick all year round foliage.

But lets move on - because for me after that, it's all good news.

Excellent garaging for the area

Good bedroom set up - numbers - separation and storage. Upstairs is all children - works - self contained with rumpus computer room - a little tight. Master is a good set up as is guest's bedroom.

Bathroom, kitchen, and laundry - the wet areas - all work - all have nice tidy profiles and all look to have good fittings and are well positioned.

Overall plenty of storage.

I like the multiple living areas - formal and informal - the highlight being the entry from the old to the new - the architect has got that just right and the space works. The home due to a variety of factors orientates itself to the west and the south - but there a number of light sources.

Hallway, stairs - all connection points - seamless and classy -interestingly the floorboards in the hall run across rather than up and down - rare - just some trivia, not a focus point for me.

Pool area and the water features, water landscaping is well positioned and I think would benefit from some more homely touches - eg plantings.

So will this home go well - it absolutely should - actually it absolutely will.

How much?

Like a rocket within the normal atmosphere of expectations - how far the after-burners take it, is the unknown, as the stratosphere has homes of this calibre, but is also rare to have neighbours as 17 McKinley does.

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we would like to thank you for asking the right questions . Hello Gina, Mal and Team Wow! You have done a great job and we are the ones who would like to thank you for asking the right questions and getting the deal through last night - we are very very happy and looking forward to using all that space and pool come Feb! Great work! We are very happy ...more

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Sold - 12:30 PM Jul 30 2016

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