118 Gipps Street EAST MELBOURNE


Higher positional potential for long term growth
Growth above average metro in last decade
Excellent land content as proportion of price
Higher risk as newer precinct
Lower risk established look


Significant ongoing outgoings
Poor kitchen position
Mal James
Mal James
Principal Buyer Advocate
0408 107 988

Comments on 118 Gipps Street EAST MELBOURNE

Ok 118 Gipps is a classic home - there is no question about that and there is actually no question it is also a real home. Many of these types of homes and I've seen a few over the years lack a personality, lack a homey feel - they are more like a museum than a home. 118 Gipps while not being for everybody is a classic home.

So whether you like it or not - will in many ways be a simple yes or no. And obviously if it's a yes, you will have some understanding in dollar terms of where the dance may start.

And so we arrive at the real issues for prospective buyers.

What is real value for you (short and long term) and how does that equate to what you may have to pay.

What may you have to pay - eg where is the seller and the other bidders at - if indeed there are other bidders

How will you deal with, manage or survive Jeremy and the sales process and finally what will be the sales process.

EOI - what does this mean - go now or go later. How do I frame my first offer and how may he respond and how may I respond to that response. What happens if there is no interest other than me or there is multiple interest - will it be boardroom auction or best offer in or backwards and forwards argy barg.

Jeremy Fox means different things to different people but when he is on song with a good home and some buyers then he has few peers. You don't have to like him, you have to deal with him.

I suggest you will need help if you want to be the buyer. If I can assist you as your buyer agent please call me on numbers within this rating.

Thank you for your time.

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