11 Malin Street
BOUGHT* - $3,610,000
Forget the Cox Plate, the real race was happening on Malin Street this afternoon, with auctioneer Richard Earle fittingly in charge with his trademark authoritative style. Richard opened on a vendor bid of $2,950,000, with assisting agent Greg Toogood quipping 'you're better than that, Richard!' in response to his offer. The crowd certainly agreed, as the fi...

Crowd Numbers: 100 people
Bidderman: 5 bidders

11 Malin Street KEW


Higher positional potential for long term growth
Growth above average metro in last decade
Good rental prospects
Seemingly low additional cash required after purchase
Minimal ongoing outgoings


Adjoining properties could be a negative issue
Interrupted floor levels
Mal James
Mal James
Principal Buyer Advocate
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Comments on 11 Malin Street KEW

Love this home and so will a number of others and some very passionately.

The architect has framed the home, the room windows, the views absolutely brilliantly.

Very simple and elegant

Don't normally like steps but it drops in nicely

Even the plants are architectural and match nicely

The living spaces really work

The floor stone is broken up nicely - doesn't look too much

Redgum bench top works

The guy or girl who did this is a genius

Nice flow in from the garage to laundry to kitchen


Wide staircase

What an entertaining spot upstairs - great view

Width and space and proportions and flow and light and feel

Even the children's bedroom wing works

Master is incredible

The living room windows are framed - this is a classy offering

Neighbours are not great

You know its not about the quality - if you like this it will all be in the getting.

What a great family home near all the schools. Sure to have very solid international interest as well.

Values and Strategy are a "must get right" because if you really, really like this you want to make sure you are not waiting several years to find another as good.

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Mal James's Comments on 11 Malin Street KEW

What a great modern home. I agree with most of what Mal says - it is hard to fault.

Some additional thoughts I had:

While the first floor rear entertaining area is great and offers wonderful views, how often would this be used? Perhaps the master bedroom suite would have have been better placed there....

Steps will be a concern for many buyers, and the lack of downstairs bedroom / bathroom suite for older parents or guests could have been a valuable inclusion.

Entry lacks some privacy as does the pool at the rear from adjoining propeties - planting out could be a solution to remedy this.

Inside/outside connection at the rear is good - what a great entertaining home this will be. A pet hate I have however is the exposed sill of the sliding doors when opened.  I understand why this is done (preventing water egress), but such small step-ups can be really annoying and potential tripping issues.

That said, I really like this home and it is refeshing to see a modern design approcah like this taken on. I think as time goes by this will establish itself as a classic home in the area and not date too much.



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Land Area
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Sold - 1:00 pm Oct 25 2014

Quote $3,000,000+

West Facing

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