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Below are testimonial snippets from some of our clients.

Thank you all for your assistance in purchasing our home in Brighton (wow, what a location!) Dear Mal & Kristen, As buyers sitting in Houston, Texas, your advice, honest feedback, support and guidance meant we were very confident spending more money that we ever have on a property as we felt we really understood what the value was better than for any of our other 10 or so purchases over the years. I liked the way you went thru your process and highlighted the uncertainties; you pushed but accepted our decisions on what to bid. I never felt like you were rushing us, and you were patient as we determined what our real needs were. Mal, a couple of your quotes stood out "you're following a 0.5% strategy" "you're approach will result in you buying a house no-one else wants!" I will never forget the effect these had on us. You all provided very responsive service, we went from nothing to bidding twice in relatively short time as Samantha and I firmed up our personal needs and wants. We felt like we were your only clients, such was your excellent support.
Samantha & Robert Zammit - Brighton
Thank you for your consistent service, thorough research and honest advice over the last 15 months. Dear Mal, Kristen, Adam and Gina, Thank you for your consistent service, thorough research and honest advice over the last 15 months. We are thrilled with our new home, happy with the price we paid and, thanks to your team, the whole process of buying the home was relatively stress free! Right from the start, we were very comfortable working with you and appreciated your "up front" and professional approach. Our only frustration has been the modest supply of homes on the market that fitted with our ideal, but I'm pretty sure, even though you have a huge influence in the real estate game, even you can't influence that! Narelle and Nick
Nick and Narelle - Malvern
Learning when to say no to seems more important than what to say yes, and you helped us figure that out. Kristen & Adam, we have really appreciated your honesty. It really helped us. Learning when to say no to seems more important than what to say yes, and you helped us figure that out. Thanks for finding the extra time to give us your valued opinions too.
Tanya & Campbell - Hampton
As expats living in Singapore we were faced with specific challenges in purchasing a home in Melbourne. Dear Mal & Kristen,Trying to purchase a property from overseas is fraught with potential difficulties but you made the process seamless. As we got to know you we felt confident in your assessments and you were able to be very forthright with us. Many times we asked you to look at properties for us that looked great on the real estate pages but were not so good on closer inspection. Many times you said "This is not the right property for you", "You can do better than this". Your advice proved invaluable.
Cindy & Jan -
Many friends and family have asked us why we paid for help to find and buy our new house and more importantly they ask 'was it worth it?', we answer with a unanimous 'best money we ever spent!'. Kristen and Mal helped us by
- getting us clear about what we wanted & needed
- keeping us realistic about what and where we could buy within our budget
- stopping us make mistakes by refocusing us on our identified needs
- acting as a common sense sounding board when it was decision time
- dealing with the real estate agents for us
- helping us get clear on what we should expect to pay for different properties
- taking care of auction day and buying our home
Simone & Stuart McDonald - Hampton
Mal and his team were well worth the investment; we have a beautiful home in a great location and at a good price. Living overseas and purchasing property (not just any property - our first home) is quite a daunting prospect. We couldn't rely on online photos and didn't want to put pressure on family and friends helping us out (what if they got it wrong?). The process and guidance that Mal and his team provided meant that we didn't rush into something that wasn't quite right for us. With being such a long way from home, we were concerned that we wouldn't know a good deal from a bad deal. Mal and Kristen made this analysis a lot easier, providing their experience and good comparatives to ensure we knew what constituted a good deal and what would be to high a price to pay. On auction day the team prepared well, used their experience and the result turned to our favour. After the auction Mal and Kristen took care of the paper work and ensured there were no irregularities and continue to ensure that we are doing everything we are meant to.
Kate & Brook Logan - Malvern

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