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The market has changed and so have we at James Advocates.

Whilst buyer advocacy is still the major part of our business, our roles in selling advocacy and architectural advocacy have increased as clients and other sellers interested in a more managed process, begin to look for more professional strategic advice, rather than just a glossy submission with a standard response.

Historically buyer advocacy - we have always bought homes for mainly Top End Homebuyers and to lesser extent, for family investors and children of clients - over a 1000 fact. Our buyer services are offered in 3 levels; DIY, BESPOKE such as negotiation only or FULL SERVICE: find, price and negotiate either on or off-market. Until this current market downturn, our selling advocacy had been a low-key simple "add-on" service of agent selection, where we helped our buying clients select the right marketing agent to manage the sale of their home.

Unremarkably, we call that a BUY/SELL service and around half our clients buy and sell with an agent through this service. This agent selection service was effectively a free service, as the winning agent would pay a fee from their commission to be donated on their behalf to a charity such as Launch Housing or Plaster House - over $500,000 has gone to charity via this service since 2006 - but that is another story at www.11climbers.org if you're interested. We still provide that simple agent selection service, however, in response to this market we have added a full seller advocacy service for our clients.

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Seller advocacy full service

Our role has expanded dramatically, to not only involve the agent selection service but also an ongoing advisory/management role during the marketing agent's listing period.

Some of the selling advocacy management roles

As opposed to sales marketing that we have performed this year:

  1. Assessment of agents' submissions - an assessment with an experienced eye.
  2. Fee negotiation - a lot more than the fee itself.
  3. Discussions of reserves in an effective manner.
  4. How to change marketing agents if appropriate and limit the downside - how to run two agents at once if also appropriate.
  5. What is a price seller v a home seller and the risks v rewards.
  6. How to look at price but also actually selling and what processes can be set up to minimize the risk.
  7. Marketing costs - especially if all the paid advertising is doing is telling people what you home is NOT WORTH.
  8. Holdings one's nerve when the going gets a little rough. A little one on one coaching.
  9. What presentation efforts work and what don't. Sometimes you do need to spend - but usually nothing like what you think it will cost.
  10. How you can negotiate with your agent and then in turn with your buyer, in an effective manner and NO, that doesn't mean shouting louder.
  11. How to motivate your agent effectively and we don't think commission incentives are at the top of the list.
  12. And more ...like Agentspeak - when an agent says or does something, what on the balance of probabilities does that really mean?
  13. And leverage - this is such a misunderstood (or not even thought about) concept that effects a lot more sales than sellers think.
  14. And Strategy - What's that, what's a strategy?
  15. And NOT actually selling now - holding till a better time. Huh, never heard that one before.
  16. How to run a buyer shopper to test the OFI - not that we find you need to on the agents we suggest.*

*The agents we suggest are the ones we see day-in and day-out performing well in the marketplace and they are excellent marketers. However, in this market, we have found it's also about management rather than just marketing alone and it's increasingly about outcomes more so than just transacting.


When we instructed Mal it was for his expertise in "buying". We had no idea then how key his input would be on "selling". Our schedules are busy and so his real value was in pressing us to answer questions that we had not created time to ask ourselves. He was incredibly good at ensuring that we as a couple were aligned in our strategy. We ended up with the house of our dreams. When we bought our new home we did not realise that we would be trying to sell our old home in a declining market. Throughout this period Mal ensured that we remained true to our key selling objectives and that we remained calm.
We made $250,000 on a better buy and $250,000 on a better sell, by asking the right questions instead of giving the wrong answers, we are so glad we used James Buyer and Seller Advocates


A 60/90 days auction still has its place - but so does a 12/12 (months) private sale and settlement terms.


Marketing agents are still a key ingredient in your sale and we've always been a believer in the 80/20 - meaning 20% of agents do 80% of the good business however with 20% of the market gon ... the good business is now almost 100% from that 20% of agents.

No Extra Charge

Our fees are by discussion and in many cases, depending on the level of service can be included in the agent's total commission - and for many, are no extra charge.


We understand there is a conflict issue if we have a buyer, but that is handled very transparently and effectively in that situation. We act for the buyer and no fees from the seller go to us - it's simple and in this market, a good buyer is a positive.

We understand this was an advertorial - but it's an in-demand and increasing service to manage price, to manage stress, to manage the whole buy and sell process for those that see a benefit(s). As well, we feel it has also strengthened the quality of our buyer advocacy work in the current on and off-market spheres. If you're interested in a chat about our selling, buying or even architectural advocacy services, please call. Advocacy (management) and agency (marketing), as opposed to agency alone, is an alternative and new way to consider when buying, selling or renovating/building your next home in this new and challenging market.

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