9 Evans Road KEW


9 Evans Road KEW


Above average land size
Excellent street presence & facade
Good access and flow to outdoors
Within normal walking distance to rail
Above average precinct for general area


Poor Street Frontage
Limited Backyard
Poor flow front to back
Poor natural kitchen light
Mal James
Mal James
Principal Buyer Advocate
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Comments on 9 Evans Road KEW

It is and it isn't.

It is unusual - not quirky and not classic - it's individual - it's for some and isn't for others.

No question on position with regards to schools and families - this is "The Kew" - this is premium - this is Sackville Ward.

The block itself is not the reason you would buy - the block is simply, what the building is on - good rear access - but it needed to be, as it is a narrow block - and therefore the rear access allows the façade.

The façade - only the third one I have seen like this and one of them I paid over $20m for - it is a beautiful, powerful, evocative façade and the plantings are truly magnificent - they go with it, like a fine wine goes with a great meal.

To the home - where the emotional action is.

Yes or no.

Ok it's got 4 beds plus a study, laundry, garage, plus a few living areas - let's get a move on from the practicalities and get to the emotions.

Flow - how did you find it - compartments with a bit of awkwardness? or a magical mystery tour of excitement?

Connection - the bedroom separation was excellent - what about the kitchen and supervision / linking / conversations?

Light and views and location of living areas - for me average in most rooms!

Mood - this home creates a mood and will do so well after the honeymoon is over - what mood does it create for you?

Is the genius in this, actually practical? For me and for some it will be - for others it wil not be.

It is and it isn't.

Value - well - how does that saying go about beauty and the beholder? If you were to add up land value and the sqm rate on an older home then you will get a value - but it probably won't be enough to buy it. Why not? Because ti if its competive, the buyer won't add up land and home value on sqm rate - the buyer will buy it because they really, really want it.

What I mean is - some will see this as less of a package than Mawson (two streets over - that sold for $4,500,000 last Saturday) and some or one or two may see this as something special, a whle lot more than that, say over $5m.

It is and it isn't.

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Thanks for your help in the negotiations and keeping the price at a level we believe is appropriate for our circumstances. Hi Mal & Gina, We have 2 parents/parents-in-law who are extremely excited about the purchase and upcoming relocation, so much so that they made 2 trips passed the house today! We are now just counting down the days until settlement. Ki ...more

Kathy Braddon


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Sold - Jun 6 2017

Quote $5,000,000

West Facing

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