58 Ardrie Road MALVERN EAST


58 Ardrie Road MALVERN EAST


Above average land size
Excellent car access
Wide Street Frontage
Good access and flow to outdoors
High ceilings


South facing rear (negative light issues)
Poor car garaging
Gina Kantzas
Gina Kantzas
0457 835 255

Comments on 58 Ardrie Road MALVERN EAST

The PPP's on this home are excellent and it's all about the feel.

Personally, I love the family feel and if I was bringing up my family (as most in this area are) then this would be a home top of my list

Location to Ardrie Park and shops is brilliant and you will use the park. To Caulfield train station is an acceptable walk unless it was raining - acceptable meaning you keep fit and most of the way is down a beautiful streetscape - as well that station has express into CBD at times.

The home itself well you could argue it would be better on the other side of the road for light and I would agree with you - but I also would point out that single level means you can, for the most part, negate that issue with some smart skylights and whilst in Winter a bit more sun warmth is wanted in summer the lesser the better on some days which south on a single level does avail you to - grated would prefer north rear.

As I said at the top the home is about feel and from the front to inside and even in the rear garden - it felt good - everything in the right place - good front to back flow - yes, the floors were a tad wonky - so some investigation and perhaps expense (often not as much as you think) would be warranted. Finishings are good for this level and it would be entirely choice rather than necessity to improve upon them.

For me if I had a criticism of the PPP's it is more a tongue in cheek one - I think it will go better than the quote - this is a home that there should be strong interest for.



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Sold - 10:30 AM Aug 18 2018

Quote $2,100,000 - $2,200,000

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