47 Greig Street
BOUGHT* - $1,710,000
Who says you can't eat ice cream in the morning? The crowd grew quickly this morning when word got out that realestate.com.au had an ice cream cart at this auction, a perfect start for today's warm temperature. John Bongiorno was at the helm and got the crowd focused on the task at hand, opening with an immediate vendor bid of $1,500,000 and asking for $10,0...

Crowd Numbers: 70 people
Bidderman: 3 bidders

47 Greig Street ALBERT PARK


47 Greig Street ALBERT PARK


Great street
Excellent street presence & facade
Excellent car access
Good access and flow to outdoors
Within normal walking distance to rail


Requiring significant additional cash to purchase price
Mal James
Mal James
Principal Buyer Advocate
0408 107 988

Comments on 47 Greig Street ALBERT PARK

Rated as needing a makeover - all finishes are poor - but would have reflected too poorly on the rating score and given a false impression of my feelings.

For what this is a "standard single fronter" in Inner Melbourne, this is a as good as it gets due to its street address, floor plan and car parking - you won't find better at this price range - just different versions of - e.g. Merton - with one big PROVISO - pest and building inspection.

This home has the bones of a great little home, investment - the question is, are those bones rotten?

It looked in pretty poor nick around the edges on my visit - definitely needs a cosmetic update - the question is how deep will you have to go into your pockets to achieve that.

Is the timber rotting on the outside only - but ok underneath? Are many of the "hiddens" ok? Such as electricity and plumbing.

Not trying to scare anybody off - just make you wary and yes, there will be many things to fix - but on the upside - if the costs are manageable then when they are all fixed and you have a pretty impressive home, in a street we have bought in multiple times due to its location and feel and of brilliant rear car access.

Do the proper checks and if this stands up still, and you are prepared to do some work then this represents good decision making - as the buyers will range from newborns to old grannies from homes owners to renters to investors to upgraders (2nd level already there) - these are gems if manageable.

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Land Area
Floor Plan Agent

Sold - 10:30 AM Nov 25 2017

Quote $1,500,000 - $1,650,000

South Facing

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