37 Hampden Road
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37 Hampden Road ARMADALE


37 Hampden Road ARMADALE


Great street
Above average land size
Excellent street presence & facade
Wide Street Frontage
Good access and flow to outdoors


Uninviting entrance
Mal James
Mal James
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Comments on 37 Hampden Road ARMADALE

37 Hampden is a world-class home - a home for a diplomat, the wealthy, an establishment family.

Without screaming at you 37 Hampden says class, I'm a classic, a very rare bird.

From the street the home sits up at you and makes a statement and while in the street, look around - this is "the" area in Armadale along with the Adelaide and Rose Street precincts - however, you won't find the blocks of this size so regularly in either of those. This is Toorak in Armadale.

Back to 37 - sitting proud and as you walk up the driveway, three little picky bits that don't quite work for me, but are not deal breakers.

The garden needs a revamp including a widening of the driveway,

The garage is doable but tight for bigger cars and

The front entrance is up a few steps and to the side of the home - there off my chest and after that, 37 is near faultless.

All one level, a huge block of land, lovely mix of formal and informal living spaces from wood panelling and the feel of old money at the front - to metal frames, sunlight and stone landscaping - all from a high-quality renovation at the rear - a wonderful contrast.

The pool appears to be not self-cleaning - which could be annoying - but the rest of the landscaping is money well spent - the slope of the land has been accounted for smartly,  with wide entertainment areas and stepping - which is almost unnoticed - a gym for the modern family is a real plus and all the utility bits are hidden away - but even they flow nicely from garage to laundry to kitchen etc. A grassed area? - you have room to add one.

For me the only issue is price. Area to land size to home quality says there is the probability of one or two heavy hitters being attracted to this home. If that is the case then it could be a ding-dong battle as to what is the limit? However, if this market is kind to a single buyer and a lone bidder, I wouldn't think twice or be in doubt come signature time.

This is a home of so much.

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Sold - 1:00 PM Sep 8 2018

Quote $6,000,000 - $6,500,000

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