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37-39 Gosford Court PARK ORCHARDS


37-39 Gosford Court PARK ORCHARDS


Excellent street presence & facade
Quiet and peaceful
Wide Street Frontage
Good access and flow to outdoors
High ceilings


Outside normal walking distance to rail
Possible overcapitalisation meaning higher risk on resale
Irregular land shape
Darker living/dining room
Poor natural kitchen light
Mal James
Mal James
Principal Buyer Advocate
0408 107 988

Comments on 37-39 Gosford Court PARK ORCHARDS

Park Orchards has for a long time attracted those who want some peace and quiet on a big block - away from the madding crowd, but perhaps not too far.

Gosford Court is a part of Park Orchards that achieves that.

With this position comes tranquility - but also comes limited public transport, no walk-too café's and basically a drive to most things. As well, over the years it also has some limited capital growth when you compare to some of the inner city stats - but still acceptable to many.

So it's a position many of us would like to be in - one that gives many ups - and depending on your point of view, a few downs - schools and how far to friends unless a local school is another important consideration.

But hey big family gatherings, Christmas, sleepovers - WOW this is a family home of merit.

There is a hell of a lot of tranquility and serenity, combined with a modicum of isolation. Hey don't get me wrong inner city drives many of us nuts - always on the go, everything in your face - no peace and quiet.

So if the position is for you, then the next question becomes is this the home for you?

Demand and Supply for these homes on both sides is limited - most take a while to find and on the other hand most take a while to sell - so you really want to make sure this is for you.

So is it?

The home is of high quality on my inspection (STBI) and the flow and spaces and proportions all work for me - I like the guest quarters and the generous sizes from architraves to corridors to rooms, from the quality of finishes, heating, the flow - the....... Material wise it's hard to fault.

For me it's all about the feel from the façade to the walk thru - space v intimacy and so on. It's a personal thing. I like this as a building.

The final thing I will comment here on is - sun.

The light comes from the building orientation and in part that is determined by the block conditions - overall I think they could have done better to bring the evening light in - both in placement of say the guest quarters and living spaces.

No doubt in summer at breakfast it would be lively and the harsh evening heat will be somewhat tempered with the design - but Melbourne is four seasons and for the other three, my main criticism of this substantial and well built home is the lack of life's tonic - the sun - its warmth and its light.

Overall a home of substance.

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