30/2017 OffMarket BRIGHTON


30/2017 OffMarket BRIGHTON


Great street
Above average land size
Excellent street presence & facade
Close to Water
Wide Street Frontage


South facing rear (negative light issues)
Limited Backyard
Possible overcapitalisation meaning higher risk on resale
Adjoining properties could be a negative issue
Interrupted floor levels
Poor natural kitchen light
Mal James
Mal James
Principal Buyer Advocate
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Comments on 30/2017 OffMarket BRIGHTON

A home in Brighton that historically is a once in a lifetime offering due to its location and size, but is also futuristically a conundrum due to its location and size.


This part of Brighton is where the action is and where almost all, except those who must have copper downpipes, want to be - you can smell and breath Brighton from here.


Period façade with entrance of grandeur on 2000 (approx.) sqm of land - expansive modern renovation to the rear.

It's a home of immense size, with all the bells and whistles - and I mean all - indoor/outdoor everything from pool to BBQ to living.

The finishes are of the highest quality and to most people's taste, but not everybody's. You get a sense you are in a Hyatt or a Marriott, more so than you are in a home. You are knee deep in travertine and tiles and French Roman, more so than carpet and crayons and Walter Burley Griffin - each to his/her own.

Pool, garden, rear parking all works - no shortage of bedrooms, bathrooms and formal, informal living spaces and all built, as I said, to an exacting quality. The garden looking forward from where new meets old, was very impressionable on me (a real sense of privilege).

It has been a long time since I've been to one that has two lifts - despite that, (due to the slight fall of the land over such a massive home size), there are still a couple of unavoidable stairs to negotiate on your day to day movements.

Its orientation means some dark spots inside - it also means that future neighbourly builds will not affect its light (as they will be to the south) AND its street frontage is substantial enough to counteract a reasonable level of development to its side and rear.

There is class about this home and there is also plainness - it doesn't quite feel family for me - but it could - it's a big family home.

The Position and Property itself, as it is now, is all AAA and then some - the question posed at the top of this summary, is what will it be in the future and therefore what is the price you would need to pay now to be happy.


Activity zones with period covenants are the biggest value challenges to both buyers and sellers in 2017. Inconsistencies amongst neighbours means what you see now, is not necessarily what you see in 5, 10 or whenever sale time comes in the future.

Consequently, the amenity you pay for now, has no guarantee to be the same when you and the next buyer look left and right from the same spot in the decades to come.

There is a risk factor and pricing should reflect that or if it doesn't, then the buyer needs to be making an informed decision.

This home, notwithstanding it's rarity and class, is one that is facing the exact issue of differing per sqm sale prices - either side of this home has also faced this issue, in the last year or so.

A rare offering in so many ways and please, one that is worthy of serious consideration - one that will change hands with a buyer unconcerned and happy with its future surrounds - one that sees and recognizes the class on offer.

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