2 Woodstock Street CANTERBURY


2 Woodstock Street CANTERBURY


Above average land size
Excellent natural light orientation
Excellent street presence & facade
Wide Street Frontage
Good access and flow to outdoors


Other properties in the street could be a negative issue
Mal James
Mal James
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Comments on 2 Woodstock Street CANTERBURY

2 Woodstock was a home I had heard a fair bit about before I even got there.

The pics looked really interesting - the original quote seemed strong but ok, the revised quote (even in this market) low and the gossip about being near the school in the street noted.

However, on arrival any doubts melted away and they continued to do so - all through the first visit and the same again on my repeat inspection.

From the street - yep, I can see the school and during term times I can hear it as well - but I like activity. What I could also see from the street when I looked left and right - was a really good park to kick the footy in - what I could also see from the street when I turned northwards was a beautifully proportioned, grand mansion.

From the street this seemed a faultless sub $10m home - sitting proud, with an enhancing setback, good width to neighbours and a rear northerly aspect. In fact, the only thing I could pick at on this land size, was the inability to place a tennis court on it - but I'm not Lleyton Hewitt, so I got over that.

No visitor to this home would fail to have a sense about the majesty of the owners - now for some that's uncool, but for most of us in life, that's the opposite. This is a home that from the outset makes you feel something, gives you an impression and that something you get is very positive.

Inside the stateliness continues and rather than go room by room, lets split the comments into groups.

The living areas are many and the "formals" have beautiful period features - the "informal rooms" are well placed to the rear, working around the central kitchen. The rear living area, you could argue needs slightly better proportions and light - the latter easily fixed with the removal of the verandah and a replacement with a deciduous leafed pergola. Indoor/outdoor connection and flow of home is as good as it gets for this type - it's not formulaic - it's organic.

Possibly a downstairs bedroom for the future and while on the bedrooms - all good in size, good feel and all upstairs - again I think the best description is organic rather than formulaic.

The bathrooms and kitchen - all good and if you spend all your money buying the home, then they are great - if you don't then updating when ready, would be on your mind - most of the updates would be cosmetic only and perhaps the addition of one bathroom, if you put in a downstairs bedroom.

Around the edges of the home - e.g sunroom, verandahs and garages - all a little tacky for some - for me they show an authenticity of the bygone era when this home was conceived and added to. I wouldn't change a bit - I loved the smell of the oily rag in the room above the garage workshop - bring those days back, hey? - more meaningful than an afternoon on an iPhone.

The rear yard and side yards and front yards - I really liked the gardens - yep, it would need a green thumb to do them justice, but you have the scope, if so inclined.

Can I finish with what is the most important for me in Woodstock - the children that grow up in this home - if they have a half decent mum and dad, they will have the foundations for a happy life - this is not a mansion of "stuckupedness" - this a high quality, atmospheric and emotion building family home.

Woodstock is seriously good.

POST: At the private auction, Bidderman 3 and the home sold close to the middle of the original quote - a high risk, but interesting use of a quote change - hard to argue with its effectiveness or its legitimacy for the seller - high risk because we saw a different result, that left a bad taste with buyers, with this home's competitor recently, using a similar strategy. Well done on this one though - brave and successful.

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Sold - Mar 21 2018

Quote $5,600,000 - $6,000,000

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