1B Laburnum Court BRIGHTON


1B Laburnum Court BRIGHTON


Excellent street presence & facade
Good access and flow to outdoors
High ceilings
Coffee/Eateries are close by
Excellent home flow front to back


Minimal land content as proportion of price
Poor On Block Position
Interrupted floor levels
Touches other properties
Possible dating issues
Mal James
Mal James
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Comments on 1B Laburnum Court BRIGHTON

Mostly the raison d'être of a townhouse in Brighton is to make money for its developer and the purchaser's comfort is an afterthought. Look beyond most marketing, scratch past many of the artificial surfaces and there is nothing but shortcuts to be found.

1B Laburnum does not appear to be this and in fact it is not this - 1B is not just a glossy brochure - 1B is the real McCoy as far as quality townhouses go.

On first viewing, a beautiful look from the street, clean and crisp, modern and with a feeling of the future is this one of a pair, above average size townhouse.

Whilst still on the street - Laburnum is a court (no through traffic) - you look around a see a mixture of developed homes and ugly ducklings waiting to be so - the area in itself is regarded as B Brighton but to put that in perspective across the main road (Hampton St) is A grade East Brighton and the streets are similar. This is a good spot - not yet fully developed - around a km to all things Church St - rail, shops and schools are all safe walkable (primary and secondary)

Once inside the magic begins - as you walk down to the entrance from a secure outward perimeter, you can see the lap pool and it gives you a feeling a wonderment and space - inside the staircase grabs your foyer attention and it works - it is space saving, visually appealing and it still works as a staircase - which almost all of its kind in the past have not - this was a brave architectural move that has worked very well.

Past that work of art and out into the living area you get a feeling of space and connection (indoor and outdoor) and its all surprisingly - light. I say surprisingly because it is on the south side of an eastern west pair - so light ordinarily would be an issue - it is not when I am there due to three things - windows, light reflective surfaces and viewing was on a sunny day.

There are additional rooms on this level and they add to the package - e.g. second living space and study - downstairs is a garage and turntable - good size but a little awkward to turn hence the turntable and extra features that a modern home has such as, cinema and a wine cellar big enough for an enthusiast.

From the lower levels - it's up one and then two levels (no lift, older buyers or those with young children?) to the top level and bedroom accommodation. This area really works - three very good-sized bedrooms in width and depth (due to rare block street frontage and design) all with ensuite - for me another very strong and rare feature of this home.

Overall this is a home of quality with a high amount of thought and experience behind its design and build. 1B is well up in terms on class on most of its contemporaries - and for that reason, I would expect some competition now and upon a future resale (if the home was bought back up to its current pristine feel).

I really like this if you feel it's right for you.

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