18 Susan Street SANDRINGHAM


18 Susan Street SANDRINGHAM


Above average land size
Quiet and peaceful
Excellent car access
Close to Water
Wide Street Frontage


Possible overcapitalisation meaning higher risk on resale
Mal James
Mal James
Principal Buyer Advocate
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Comments on 18 Susan Street SANDRINGHAM

A Sandringham summer house - conjures up the "Old Country" if you're an Anglo or a "Hamptons style" feel if you're like the current trends  - but that is exactly what this home is and a very high quality version of it.

The questions of this home are not what it is now on a beautiful warm day - with a gentle breeze and the thoughts of a gin, a swim and snooze - there is no question - only easy answers - this is a beautiful home for all those things.

The questions are

1.       Does this home match the position and the price tag?

2.       Does this stack up as a great home now and will it in the decades to come?

3.       How good a location is Susan St?

So how many $4million homes are sold in the suburb of Sandringham and what do they look like - eg this is a timber home?

No question on the flow and the living areas - in fact 18 Susan is all about the living areas - the are many, they connect well indoor and outdoor and they are light - lots of light - due to window size and number more so than orientation.

The working areas eg kitchen and laundry and bathrooms are well presented and flow nicely to rear garage - being picky two of the secondary bedrooms have a bit of a walk to the central bathroom and pool supervision from the kitchen is adequate without being easy and direct. The front office - bungalow is another plus for either guests or home/office.

Overall the home itself - as it is now - is a very high quality home

The land size is good, but it is irregular in that it is not one large rectangular parcel.

Yes it's a larger land handing and has dual car access (front and rear) - but a fair parcel of that land is behind another home - could you develop from both street frontages - maybe - heritage, building permits?

What is land worth in the area - land per sqm? Plus what is the building worth? And then how have $3m plus auctions been going in Sandy - even when the market was stronger - those questions versus the rarity and quality of offering are good food for thought.

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