18 Hillcrest Avenue
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18 Hillcrest Avenue KEW


18 Hillcrest Avenue KEW


Great street
Excellent street presence & facade
Quiet and peaceful
Wide Street Frontage
Good access and flow to outdoors


Minimal land content as proportion of price
Mal James
Mal James
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Comments on 18 Hillcrest Avenue KEW

18 Hillcrest Avenue Kew - Gina and I have bought two of these builder's homes before.

We like the passion, the intenseness of the experience -  the high quality build - with its virtual uniqueness, with its many quality quirks - corr blimey, fire in the bathroom - and hey wow what a garage, with its Batman and Robin entrance.

This home however, is not a joke with cheap gimmicks - in fact, the polar opposite - this is an exciting home with a very high degree of craftsmanship  - and on top of the skill and quality is a playful mind. How refreshing - to go to a new home and not see the thoughts controlled by a robot or a spreadsheet - more power to these guys.

Thinking about the dollars - yes you may pay top dollar now - and fair enough, if that is what you and the market determine - my self-questioning relates to the future and land content to build content to the price paid and future capitalisation. Is that an issue for you, if you were to buy.

Of course, it is not for everybody as it's somewhat secular and yes, in my opinion, this is not a classic - it's just a very good building for somebody. However, it will stand the test of time - the façade is strong - the flow and proportions excellent and the rooms can be refashioned if ever things like the golf room fade in their lustre.

Buyers and lookers alike, make this a destination for a squiz and at the very least check out the fire in the bathroom and the Gotham City car entrance!!

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Sold - 3:30 PM May 5 2018

Quote $6,200,000 - $6,800,000

East Facing

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