18 Asling Street BRIGHTON


18 Asling Street BRIGHTON

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18 Asling Street BRIGHTON

  • 5 Bed Numbers
  • 4 Bath Numbers
  • 2 Park numbers
  • 1,758sqm

Mal James
Mal James
Principal Buyer Advocate
0408 107 988

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Comments on 18 Asling Street BRIGHTON

Brilliantly finished home with all any family could want and few actually get  - in an improving area with four key positional challenges - on block position to north light, out the back railway / out the front is a feeder road with speed humps; all in a position that could have neighbouring growth challenges due to its proximity to the activity area.

It's risk versus reward in the classic of circumstances. The reward is a great and rare offering outside the Golden Mile and Middle Brighton Crescents at a 50% discount versus the risk of the future unknown in terms of value.

If the home is your outcome and the occasional train noise is OK - then buy it, as it is rare, very rare. If a conservative financial outcome is your nature then pass as the future is unknown (but hey you won't get as good an offering as this again in a hurry)

You need all three working for you on this one - your mind, your heart and your gut.

Good luck because it's a challenge to decide and then I have no doubt it will be a challenge to buy against both the agent/seller and other buyers.

This is rare for Brighton - but in many ways it is Brighton - entertain, space, coffee and tennis and family.

What our clients had to say about James

We couldn‘t have done it without both of you. Thanks to James. Whilst the price was higher than we first expected, we are thrilled. Still can‘t believe it! We couldn‘t have done it without both of you and you made the whole process so much easier and more relaxed. We will definitely recommend you to friends etc! Terri & Lambros

Terri & Lambros

We are so incredibly thankful that we didnt have to go to auction and we still cant believe that we got our house for such a good price. . Dear Gina & Mal, Kate and I have been reading the coverage of the auctions this weekend. It sounds like quite a few comparable properties went volcano (as you call it). We are so incredibly thankful that we didn ...more

GLEN IRIS (Stonnington)

You've missed again. Repeat the pain or change your tactics.
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Poor street
Possible negative noise impact
Outside normal walking distance to rail
Below average precinct for general area
Possible overcapitalisation meaning higher risk on resale
Adjoining properties could be a negative issue
Poor On Block Position
Above average land size
Excellent street presence & facade
Wide Street Frontage
Good access and flow to outdoors
High ceilings
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