16 Susan Street SANDRINGHAM


16 Susan Street SANDRINGHAM


Excellent street presence & facade
Quiet and peaceful
Excellent car access
Close to Water
Within normal walking distance to rail


Below average land size
Limited Backyard
Gina Kantzas
Gina Kantzas
0457 835 255

Comments on 16 Susan Street SANDRINGHAM

Rated as needing a renovation, the 16 Susan St offering is all about rarity of the 3P's in this combination.

How often in 2018 does a single level home on its own land (Property) come up so close to the railway, beach and shops (Position) at a Price that is manageable (even if it will be considerably more than the agent quote)?

The answer "not often" and this will get even rarer as time goes on.

So yes it needs work if you want a perfect home and it lacks a yard and ....... Let's assume there are a number of issues that as a building it's less than ideal but it has what anyone needs or wishes for in the early to mid one's price range including off-street parking.

Investment, oldies, first home buyers, couples, singles - on a single level with a period front a short walk to everything - all at a similar ridiculously cheap price - who's not going to at least have a look? Nobody and so the battle begins ...

The two positives from this if you are the buyers - you own something special and when you go to sell it in the future, others who want to buy it  will know you own something special and like this time, they will fight for it - that's how good growth works.

16 Susan - we all like it.

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We couldnt have done it without you both! Dear Simone and Matthew, Thank you! We couldnt have done it without you both! Couldnt help smiling throughout my inspection after the purchase knowing the beautiful home you have gotten for us. More so when to-be home buyers continue to pour in showing interest in the house they can no longer buy! p.s. You are a ...more

Jo & James


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Floor Plan Agent

Sold - 12:30 PM Jun 30 2018

Quote $1,050,000 - $1,150,000

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