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118 Walpole Street
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118 Walpole Street KEW


118 Walpole Street KEW


Excellent street presence & facade
Good access and flow to outdoors
Higher positional potential for long term growth
Growth above average metro in last decade
Excellent land content as proportion of price


Below average precinct for general area
Significant slope issues
Uninviting entrance
Mal James
Mal James
Principal Buyer Advocate
0408 107 988

Comments on 118 Walpole Street KEW

Got a really big family, or want one and are you on a budget? Ok, then 118 Walpole, this big rambler, is a good home to consider.

Yes, it's a B grader on any of its PPP's taken in isolation - but add the quality of the 3P's (Price, Property and Position) together and for me circa $3m it’s an A grader. It's a walk to the shops, there is some distant freeway noise and the block has slope.

However, its bedroom city - there are bedrooms everywhere - there are also nooks and crannies and additional rooms - I was thinking as I walked thru this - a modern day Walton's home - goodnight John boy - for those not too young to remember the TV series.

While there is a slope from south down to north and this is an east/west block, except for granny getting up the entrance stairs, I didn't see any issues - in fact the home is very well placed considering its size - for garden use and young child supervision and taking in the north light.

Personally, I'd soften the brick paving at the front for first impressions.

A few years back it sold for $2.35m and now the quote is high $2m's - the magic mark they are aiming for seems to be $3m - will it get it? Well it should have last year - this year, it’s early days – let’s see - however for what it is, for some families (the big ones) - this home is a big, beauty on a budget - and one to consider.

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Sold - 12:30 PM Feb 24 2018

Quote $2,700,000 - $2,970,000

East Facing

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