11 Wolseley Grove
BOUGHT* - $4,210,000
Auctioneer Stephen Smith - great voice and a solid auction - started the auction with a vendor bid of $3,800,000. First in was Bidder 1 at $3,850,000 followed by Bidder 2 at $3,900,000. The bidders weren't here to muck around going up in $100,000 rises between $3.900,000 and $4,200,000. Bidder 1 came back with $4,210,000 which saw the home announced on the m...

Crowd Numbers: 60 people
Bidderman: 2 bidders

11 Wolseley Grove BRIGHTON


11 Wolseley Grove BRIGHTON


Great street
Excellent natural light orientation
Quiet and peaceful
Excellent car access
Close to Water


Minimal land content as proportion of price
Interrupted floor levels
Touches other properties
Possible dating issues
Mal James
Mal James
Principal Buyer Advocate
0408 107 988

Comments on 11 Wolseley Grove BRIGHTON

This home has been rated as a townhouse. 

I have a real bias view and I'm not so sure how to manage it.

I really like Nicholas Wright townhouses - especially the ones with a bit of age on them.

I have just come off recommending an Albert Park client buy a pre loved Nicholas Wright home in Foam St Elwood and it was a very happy purchase.

So, what is it I really like about the home? Well that's it - I like that it is a home - a sanctuary, a place to go into away from the madding crowd.

So many, many times in townhouses, town residences I see pretention waiting to find the pretentious or a cosmetic overload looking to trick someone. Townhouses for the most part have become all about $ per sqm, number on block and almost nothing to do with how to live nicely on a smaller footprint. The word class is not in many developers' vocabulary.

Property - the finishes, the flow, the proportions, the light, the everything except it doesn't have a lift.

Position - is Brighton A grade, only a trickle behind Sussex and Golden Mile - this is not a secondary location, this a preferred destination for many, due to the overall amenity, which is lacking nothing Brighton has to offer - train, beach, shops (Were), Church St and schools.

Price - with any side by side, two of a kind you have an issue of price versus growth versus no of buyers in the future. If your goal is absolute growth, then get a Brighton block of land with a tent on it and live in your growth - enjoy.

However, if you want a balance between growth and lifestyle, then perhaps hold some other money in other investments - buy something really special and go to your grave a little poorer, but a lot happier.

If you like this, then buying this and it's without a disclaimer, buying this real, classy home will make you happy.




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Land Area
Floor Plan Agent

Sold - 10:30 AM May 5 2018

Quote $3,850,000 - $4,100,000

North Facing

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