1 Lansell Crescent CAMBERWELL


1 Lansell Crescent CAMBERWELL


Great street
Excellent natural light orientation
Quiet and peaceful
Good access and flow to outdoors
Within normal walking distance to rail


Poor storage
Mal James
Mal James
Principal Buyer Advocate
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Comments on 1 Lansell Crescent CAMBERWELL

This is a home of immense quality - in that it's a building in an area that will make your family shine as they grow up.

So, why hasn't it sold after a previously failed attempt - why? There are some things I don't know and I don't understand - sometimes there is luck - good for some (us) and not so good for others (them).

This is an Australian classic hidden away in an estate of a different era (1920/30's Olde English), advertised as a possible rebuild - whaaaaat?!

Before we get to the architecture - the estate protects you from apartments, the station is a nice, quiet line at the end of the street and trams from all which way into the junction - the block a nice flat one - north facing to the rear with an established garden - where's the bad news in any of that?

So, to the home - this is where some Heritage is a joke - a lot of crap is protected in the name of ......... well look at 10 Stodart, just recently sold and then there are real expressions of Australia and they are left at the mercy of a new owner and possibly a swinging wrecking ball. But I digress.

To the home - far be it from me to make judgment on any improvement that could be made - but an opening between the meals and the family would enhance flow and connection.

After that I would add in a pool and cosmetically update the current floor plan to my own taste - but I would keep it simple as all great 60's classics were.

I love the stair position and the master bedroom - the laundry/mudroom position - ahead of its time.

As for the flora - get me some sensible (roots and dropping branches) Aussie natives and make a presentation to council that a swap from the existing would add to the home and screen the neighbours and beg good for the area's wildlife.

So why hasn't it sold? The unusual roof, the market, the agents, the price - who knows - sometimes you need to look at why something hasn't happened - other times you need to jump in anyway and make it happen.

If you like this, and I mean if you like this as everything is personal taste, don't be afraid - don't second guess yourself - this is a classic that for some reason has gone unnoticed.

If however, you and I are both wrong and that it is not as good as I say it is - then in 10 years time you have one of those rare blocks for the area that you can bulldoze and start again on.



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