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The decisions you make change your environment

A week in the life of
James Buyer Advocates

James BUY+

At the start we were told we were a 90% chance of failure and a 10% chance of success. Together we chose to focus 100% on the 10% success.

James Find

Homes bought over $4,000,000 - 82% are transacted outside the auction system.

James Negotiate

The biggest gift you can give your children is an environment from which happiness can blossom - physically, emotionally and financially.

homes we bought

Be with James

James Buyer Advocates

We have bought more than 1,000 family homes since 2002, here are some of their stories.

Doctors, specialists, directors, Mums, Dads, those who found us on the net, those who were referred to us, local buyers, interstate buyers, overseas buyers and so on...

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James Interstate and Overseas

Overseas or Interstate?
Rest easy - eyes on the ground.

James Auction

Rest easy, it happens a lot, we can get it done. Click on this video. Our fee is no charge if we can't help.